| Waffle : the most delicious recipes for homemade square wafers
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Waffle : the most delicious recipes for homemade square wafers

For all the greedy the web is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Despite the Italian sweets are among the best in the world, over the years some foreign products, especially made in the USA, have spread here too. Among red velvet cakes , soft pancakes , giant biscuits with peanut butter and chocolate, cheesecake and cupcakes , the waffle recipes are spook out on the net . But let’s find out more about the famous crispy waffles in squares.

The origins of waffles
These sweets, mistakenly considered only American, have European origins and are particularly known in Belgium, France and Germany with the name of ‘gaufre’. There are even those who say that they were already widespread in Ancient Greece and that they were called ‘obelias’ .

In Europe there are many variations that differ in shape (circular, square or heart) and more or less golden color but the most widespread and used recipe is that of American waffles .

Halfway between a biscuit (too crunchy) and a pancake (too mordibo), the waffle is ideal for an energetic (but not dietetic!) Breakfast or for a brunch with friends. But if you do not want to spend your weekend making endless files in front of your favorite bakery, know that there are other ways to get your hands on a juicy waffle .

In specialist shops or large supermarkets you can easily find ready-made and packaged waffles or mixes to which you can combine only fresh eggs and milk to prepare your pods. But then how is it that you make homemade waffles ?

Of recipes to prepare them there are really an infinite number but unfortunately all require the use of a special squared plate that will give the wafer its characteristic shape. But do not despair because of w affle maker on the market there are so many, of every type and price, therefore suitable for all budgets. Once you have chosen yours, you will be ready to prepare your sweet waffles . Do you want to know how? Follow our recipes.

Waffle simple recipe

Let’s start with the simplest recipe , also suitable for less experienced ‘pastry chefs’. Here is the list of ingredients for 4-5 pods , obviously based on the size of your waffle plate .

2 eggs
60 gr of sugar
70 grams of butter
300 gr of milk
250 gr of 00 flour
1 sachet of vanillin
1 pinch of salt
Start from the eggs and, with the help of two bowls, separate the egg whites from the yolks . Using electric whips, whisk the egg whites with a pinch of salt and set aside. In another bowl, add the sugar to the egg yolks , whisk with the whips and add the melted warm butter .

Once the ingredients have been well blended, gently incorporate the beaten egg whites to the mixture in such a way that they do not lose the volume. Then add the milk and vanilla . Finally mix the flour adding little by little, avoiding the lumps.

Once you have a homogeneous mixture, you are ready to cook. Obviously the cooking times and methods will vary according to the waffle machine you have chosen but generally you tend to always follow the same pattern.

Heat well and then carefully brush the plate with butter that will make sure that the waffles do not stick: this action must be repeated before cooking each pod on both sides of the plate. Once you reach the optimal temperature indicated by the instructions of your waffle maker, spread a layer not too thick and homogeneous of the mixture on the plate , so as to cover the whole mold but does not come out of the edges.

Close the plate and wait a few minutes . Once cooked, sprinkle the waffles with icing sugar or serve with maple syrup, ice cream or yogurt and fruit.

Belgian waffle with ice cream, caramel and berries
Waffle original Belgian recipe

Although the previous one is in fact the most widespread and used recipe among users of the network, there are also those who say that the original Belgian is actually the best recipe. After all the waffles were born in Belgium so the reasoning does not make a turn. But essentially, what is the difference? Let’s start with the right ingredients , as always, for 4-5 waffles :

200g of flour
4 eggs
100 g of sugar
60 g in the burro
1 sachet of vanillin
1 pinch of salt
It starts as always from the eggs. Separate the yolks from the whites and whisk the latter. In a bowl, with electric whips, whisk the egg yolks and sugar until the two ingredients are perfectly blended and ‘frothy’.

Then incorporate the melted butter lukewarm and mix well. With the help of a spatula, add the beaten egg whites to the mixture a little at a time, reminding you not to mix too vigorously as they may lose volume and lightness.

Then add a pinch of salt and the sachet of vanillin and stir in the flour a little at a time sifting. When the mixture is homogeneous you can proceed with cooking by buttering the plate and following the instructions of your waffle machine . Then serve warm waffles with icing sugar and maple syrup or jam.

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