| The plate to cook waffle-shaped keyboard
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The plate to cook waffle-shaped keyboard

According to the data, most of us (some say 50%, some 70%) have breakfast with their smartphone . Coffee and croissant are no longer enough and instead of TV and radio there is the colorful display of our mobile phones. But what about those with a vintage soul?

Those who live with love for the past can have breakfast with the keyboard. Literally. The Keyboard Waffle Iron is a plate that allows you to make waffle-shaped keyboard, to eat with maple syrup, jam or honey.

Operation is simple. While heating the plate on the fires you can prepare the dough – on the dedicated site there are 20 recipes – then pour it into it, turn it and wait for 3-4 minutes. Here’s your qwerty maxi waffle ready to fill and eat.

Let’s face it, The Keyboard Waffle Iron is madness, but it is so original and geek that even the price of $ 70, excluding expenses , seems all in all affordable.

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