| How to : alternative ways to use the waffle plate
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How to : alternative ways to use the waffle plate

Inviting and crunchy, with a typical honeycomb shape, in a sweet or savory version, waffles are delicious creations of dough cooked on their characteristic plate . Very useful in the kitchen, does not require special cleaning, does not need to be greasy. The light on indicates that the correct cooking temperature has been reached: adjusting easily with the amount of dough to be used, the game will be done. A particular instrument, the use of which may seem like one-way, but thanks to its versatility and its ease of use, can be used in a thousand ways. We offer you a rundown of alternative uses , with which to indulge your culinary inspiration.

  1. Omelettes and omelettes : perhaps one of the most fun ways to use the waffle maker.When the plate is turned on and the ideal temperature is reached, we advise you to pour the egg batter and then cover it with the chosen filling (pieces of vegetables, salami, fresh cheeses); once cooked, fold the omelette on itself, serving it still hot.
  2. Waffle sandwich : the universal sandwich from the garments (in this case) honeycomb that contains tantalizing fillings. There are countless versions, from fresh cheeses to cured meats, to cooked or raw vegetables to which you can add numerous sauces. Try the waffle with chives that contains a tempting filling of tomatoes, ham, bresaola, mozzarella and mustard.
  3. Waffle piadina : once the temperature has been reached, place the piadina on the plate, filling it and then covering it with a second piadina. Closed the top plate, in just 5 minutes, the result will be a tasty piadina with a streamlined filling, healthy and light.
  4. Waffle quesadilla : delicious Mexican tortillas made with lightly corned cornmeal stuffed with queso and vegetables. Once cooked (it takes 3-4 minutes), they can be served with pico de gallo and guacamole.
  5. Pizza waffle : a nice idea to steal for a drink at the last minute or an alternative buffet.Unusual and delicious, cooked in less than 20 minutes, these little pizzas with an original honeycomb shape, stuffed with tomato and mozzarella will amaze your guests. Also inviting other versions enriched with cured meats, creamy cheeses and vegetables.
  6. Grilled vegetables : cooking vegetables quickly, has never been so easy and healthy.Aubergines, zucchini, artichokes, mushrooms and much more can be the protagonists of simple and tasty side dishes, ideal to accompany meat or fish dishes. Cut the vegetables into thin slices and grill them for a few minutes with the waffle plate.
  7. Waffle brownie : for an afternoon snack, we recommend these classic American sweets with a characteristic yeast-made, square shape, only with flour, sugar, dark chocolate, butter, eggs and hazelnuts.
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