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The Galette des Rois is a dessert typical of northern France that is eaten in honor of the Three Kings , then in the period around the Epiphany; it is a cake made of layers of puff pastry, golden in the oven and filled with a thick layer of almond cream, called frangipane cream. The meaning of the cake is to “bring the kings” to the Epiphany and this is why the cake is crowned, that is presented with a crown of cardboard surmounted that will become the essential item for the ceremony. The tradition, of medieval origin, provides that during the preparation is hidden in the cake a figurine, which can represent anything from a car to a cartoon character. This figurine ideally symbolizes the King.
When it comes time to consume it, the young diner will have to hide under the table and when the cake is cut, he will decide who to deliver the slices. The one who, eating his own, will find the surprise, will be named King or Queen of the day and then receive the crown that was previously on the cake. Douce also follows this tradition and creates the galette des rois . As the individual patisseries can offer a specialized line of fèves that portray different themes, from the great works of art to the stars of classic cinema and famous cartoon characters, for the Epiphany of 2018 Douce has chosen as theme the spinning top . Obviously he will sell a cardboard crown together with the cake to respect the tradition.
The origin of the Gaufre dates back to ancient Greece  and even in the Middle Ages were cooked with the name of Gaufre which means, in ancient French, honeycomb, but also in Malta and Gozo consumed with cheese or honey. The various names with which they are identified date back to the fifteenth century for the Dutch word Wafel , Waffel in Germany in the seventeenth century and Waffle in English in the eighteenth century. The preparation was to wish good luck and good health during the Carnival period and the plates for the preparation were present in many family skills as a good wish for the wedding. The Belgian waffles  are essentially of two types: in Brussels with dough based on milk, water, butter, eggs brewer’s yeast, sugar and some flavor served with whipped cream powdered sugar and even ice cream or fruit. Liege ones instead , they have a dough based on flour, butter milk, brewer’s yeast, salt, vanilla sugar and a few eggs: their taste is much sweeter so that they are served without other additions. 
Inviting and crunchy, with a typical honeycomb shape, in a sweet or savory version, waffles are delicious creations of dough cooked on their characteristic plate . Very useful in the kitchen, does not require special cleaning, does not need to be greasy. The light on indicates that the correct cooking temperature has been reached: adjusting easily with the amount of dough to be used, the game will be done. A particular instrument, the use of which may seem like one-way, but thanks to its versatility and its ease of use, can be used in a thousand ways. We offer you a rundown of alternative uses , with which to indulge your culinary inspiration. Omelettes and omelettes : perhaps one of the most fun ways to use the waffle maker.When the plate is turned on and the ideal temperature is reached, we advise you to pour the egg batter and then cover it with the chosen filling (pieces of vegetables, salami, fresh cheeses); once cooked, fold the omelette on itself, serving it still hot.
For all the greedy the web is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Despite the Italian sweets are among the best in the world, over the years some foreign products, especially made in the USA, have spread here too. Among red velvet cakes , soft pancakes , giant biscuits with peanut butter and chocolate, cheesecake and cupcakes , the waffle recipes are spook out on the net . But let’s find out more about the famous crispy waffles in squares. These sweets, mistakenly considered only American, have European origins and are particularly known in Belgium, France and Germany with the name of ‘gaufre’. There are even those who say that they were already widespread in Ancient Greece and that they were called ‘obelias’ . In Europe there are many variations that differ in shape (circular, square or heart) and more or less golden color but the most widespread and used recipe is that of American waffles .
Halfway between a biscuit (too crunchy) and a pancake (too mordibo), the waffle is ideal for an energetic (but not dietetic!) Breakfast or for a brunch with friends. But if you do not want to spend your weekend making endless files in front of your favorite bakery, know that there are other ways to get your hands on a juicy waffle . In specialist shops or large supermarkets you can easily find ready-made and packaged waffles or mixes to which you can combine only fresh eggs and milk to prepare your pods. But then how is it that you make homemade waffles ? Of recipes to prepare them there are really an infinite number but unfortunately all require the use of a special squared plate that will give the wafer its characteristic shape. But do not despair because of w affle maker on the market there are so many, of every type and price, therefore suitable for all budgets. Once you have chosen yours, you will be ready to prepare your sweet waffles .
Once the ingredients have been well blended, gently incorporate the beaten egg whites to the mixture in such a way that they do not lose the volume. Then add the milk and vanilla . Finally mix the flour adding little by little, avoiding the lumps. Once you have a homogeneous mixture, you are ready to cook. Obviously the cooking times and methods will vary according to the waffle machine you have chosen but generally you tend to always follow the same pattern. Heat well and then carefully brush the plate with butter that will make sure that the waffles do not stick: this action must be repeated before cooking each pod on both sides of the plate. Once you reach the optimal temperature indicated by the instructions of your waffle maker, spread a layer not too thick and homogeneous of the mixture on the plate , so as to cover the whole mold but does not come out of the edges.